idea, today, for an empirical, structural dictionary/thesaurus

would extend Roget’s original idea :: will program someday, when I make time for programming

idea, today, for an empirical, structural dictionary/thesaurus


amnesia oblivion amnesi :: amnezhe amnezha :: amnneezhu :: amnezhe
oblivion :: ebliveen eblivien :: ublliveeyin
amnesiac amnesiak :: …

anarch anarkos without a ruler
aeonium aeonian aionios lasting for an age

amoebe change
shapeless amorphos
anax akakt lord master king
anomalos uneven
aorist indefinite
hapax apax once
arkhaios ancient archetype archaeology
atropos inexorable
bathos depth
bathus deep
bios life
ganos bright
graphein to write
diaita way of life
eos dawn eocene eolith
ienai go




Columbia: The Reminding
Columbia: The …
Columbia: The Sidereal Pool
[synonym of constellation] :: Moirai :: afterlife :: the Moerae :: The Fates :: the apportioners :: moira :: moire
family story
eternal life story
sidereal pool story
The Reminding a better title?
or Sidereal
or The Sidereal Pool
youth drug story, lake house, deaths
shamanic journeys
artists warehouses
post-9/11 journeys
llano river
feeding fires and fires feeding you
dancing with hawks
stealing sailboats
mad parties at expensive hotels drinking pool playing :: meeting the guy in the wheelchair with the dog

write about someone who’s deaf
hellen keller
stylized, write about a kid who can’t hear, but can feel the deep bass sounds of music, and loves it
loves the merry go round, loves the stimulation
enjoying riding in the car with the window down, feeling the wind in her hands hair face, saying weeee…that’s glorious…



Sepulchre : exorcism, gothic, cult

Dawn :: childhood adventure :: positive :: Amazon commercial song



AO[Pi] :: alpha omega pi



Anna M. Nash

Crescent Moon



create a new way to enter natural language text using existing keyboards :: license it to makers of mobile devices, or google, or someone :: get a ptc lawyer to help

story about someone who you know there’s something wrong with him because he’s taking pictures of pipes, for a period

he’s dreaming all of us…so we want to keep him asleep
his dream, his view of us, is what’s keeping us alive…so we want to maintain that…a supporter who is wrong, but whose vision keeps it all alive…and everyone’s struggle to keep him from waking up
lol :: Suzanne and I said that person is Charlie Rose

phenal :: mythic element
create game that encompasses entire technologies, creates live music on the fly, …, but all in the gyme

write a genre book :: crime / horror book :: to sell

write something to Philip Glass Naqoyqatsi, something that shocks everyone, even the pessimists, by its grasp and introduction of not only the dark but the shockingly very very light

make my own programming language, based on what I have experienced of C patterns and bit-based contemporary intelligent development

inspired by The Prodigy in terms of hitting it out of the park on every song

pastor so serious about protecting his church, or church so serious about protecting their pastor that they have someone seated outside the church in a rocking chair with a 12-gauge
story of this country church, swamp church, whatever; but so few people in the church that we know (as the reader) something about every single person in attendance

sentiment of someone on facebook deciding not to chat…sentiment of people who have settled into a precise level of contact/interruption/isolation…all sitting at their computers, connecting at a fairly controlled rate…and maintaining a separateness, a quiet, from each other