"Thank you for writing."

“As it states on our website, please note that we are not taking on new clients or accepting any query letters at this time. However, Mr. [X] has made his book, How to Write a Great Query Letter, free, as a way to give back to the writing community and help you in your search. If you would like to donwload it for free, you may visit […] Mr. [X] also maintains a blog, […], which is filled with valuable advice to help aspiring authors in their careers. Feel free to visit it, and to ask any general questions you may have about writing or publishing. We wish you the very best of luck in your search. Best wishes, [Agency X]”

I didn’t write this agent back.  Though he has a venerable list and I think he means to help, my goal is clearly not to become great at writing query letters.

"Thank you for writing."

4 thoughts on “"Thank you for writing."

  1. This agency (and similar others) seems to have shifted emphasis away from aspiring authors to the writing objectives of the agency owner(s). But I wouldn’t despair. There are plenty of remaining agencies who are focused on finding new talent other than themselves.


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