Dreams of the dangerous ocean again

(But I love the danger of it and I am at home in it, near it, on it, in these dreams.)

This one of tsunamis and a detailed technical rockface climbing sequence, in real-time.

Then of giant hydraulic-powered brass sculptures of impossible lizards in giant artificial lakes with dark green grass surrounding them in dark water, fifty-foot, eighty-foot lizards, powered to simply lunge out of the water at medium speed.

And of endless medieval circular pre-ruins, low stone circles made in grass with slightly-varying light-colored stones, and king and goddess statues placed at regular intervals along the edges of the circle, and at points inside the outer circle making new circles, always at interval divisions of 3: 3, 6, 9, along the circle’s edge, statues not more than 1.5x normal height of the subject (human, goddess) and not less than 2/3 height of the subject.

And ideas, during waking, of making software that generates landscapes that are the result of civilizations…cities and architecture that is the evidence of the creatures who have been there: this for the purpose of making game environments. and of making, in a low-pixel mode, the crispest, perfect world visualization system ever.

Dreams of the dangerous ocean again