a Hornet stung the virgin under my left foot
toilet stall, metal, pastel blue, Yellow urine, rust
it’s like a Needle going in
like a very Tiny needle
laughing with the Missionary girl
all the Kids from church while supper
and parents and Everything was going on
she said, what would you like to Be
i said Change
and she whispered Words to me in english
Struggling free
Truer than this newest you
(Lost on campus greens, under ivy leagues, and deeper in dick than moby)
Who’s playing games?
once, they told the missionary girl not to Run barefoot in the field
like I did always
we played Prison over the lagoon
the Door really locks if you wrap it in a palm leaf
you make me a Basket
and you would make me a Bracelet
(and a Skirt)
and i Try
to Remember
Your dress
for Me
and your Hair flows
windy Brown strands
of missionary Girl
your armpits smell like Africa