The Transient Fish

Parrot Bay, Long Island in the year seventeen-hundred and forty-two

fish and flone gathering upon milkweek pond
laughing violet
rippling surgically negotiated breastmilk
seedpod carcus rotting insectual graces
bracing Neverland at the front door
brimming the whore of twilight
breathing up my neck
intimidating my courtisans
bludgeoning faithfulness
brightening my day with starlight evenings’ blush
ever-so-slightly reminiscent of this fading crush that brings me
flush to the meandering of brook’s serenading
wet/dry underwater buffalo breathing
ankles tumbling under rockslide jibberish
removing my toenail for a moment
peering underneath a three-year-old child
wide-eyed hands flexing tiny nostrils breathing
toddler’s shoes in ancient hues
settlers’ ships
and maiden’s hips
resting lightly with hands
cresting slightly the sand
breasts nesting rightly the man
luna lullaby rocking the sea
pebbles basking in the cosmic twinkle

and you now have an inkling of Parrot Bay, Long Island in the year seventeen-hundred and forty-two
before the pastor bridled her for lust
before the dust began to settle on the veil
before of the wail of ardent passion slipped away
before the very day of which I tell
before the knell of lovedeath made a sound
before the frightened brutal pounding of his heart
before the sudden start of quick cessation of the bond
before the singing trance, the siren stroll, the bubbling organ first cajoled her from the brimming, seething, laughing Parrot Pond

broke the glass of scripture’s form
into the house a swarm
malignant hordes of insects screaming
bristling at the outskirts
teeming with vice
angry jaws and microscopic claws
with ferver lunge and vengeance douse
this sacred Sunday morning rock built upon a beach house

gnarly fingers twisted
scrubbing Cinderella
far below these arching lofts
thrown to heaven’s floor
to scratch the lore of crumbling scrolls
that mortal souls applied so far beyond that kernel of their holy bard

a band of insects
well skilled in the art of munching
anxious to get started crunching
mad with taste for these sacred fibers
mud divers years since mutated to screwdriver-nosed fairy wing-tips
with serrated rips in their flanks like gills
gutted rith a rotten tank of goop that kills like poison anything it might so happen to lick
(a flick of the hand is all that it takes to off the prick
if she doesn’t first happen to stick
in tandem
twenty-three ribbed laser siphon syringes
injecting the thick, blue poison known to the natives as fairyscrew juice
as it comes
without a doubt
only from the dastard snout
of the black-winged, purple-bottomed, green-eyed character scientifically regarded

protobromine axial synthespectriarc rotogenus fairyscrew)



way before Kennedy was assasinated
way before Teflon(r) was discovered
and way before three Berkley mathematicians patented a random number generator based on the chaotic behavior of lava lamps
about two-hundred and fifty years before, in the year seventeen-hundred and forty-two

an elephant vomited

and while that, in itself, is not surprising, as at that time elephants roamed Long Island freely
and in large herds on the Discovery Channel(r), natural pack hunters with coordinated attack strategy and advanced communication systems to rival those of small, handheld electronic devices of the twenty-first century
what happens next

a tiny African boy
wearing no clothing
runs in from the left edge of the screen

someone changes the channel

Rosie O’Donell instantly fucks a live albino crocodile in the Cincinnati zoo
Chris O’Donell fucks Batman up the ass
Chris Rock fucks Elton John’s piano
Mary from The Secret Garden loses her virginity
Jim Carey inserts tubes into the genitals of everyone’s second-favorite fictional serial killer
and a thirty-year-old model with crows feet inserts a half-empty bottle of Millertime(r) into her bleeding vagina

someone changes the channel back

a tiny African homeboy with a tiny penis and safety pins in his eyelids runs in from the left side of the screen and performs an age-old ritual passed down to him from his neck-ringed ancestors

the sky darkens

the tiny homeboy makes a gang sign

the post-vomit elephant rotates itself one-hundred-eighty degrees
the post-vomit elephant poops largely into the vomit
as is popular in Europe
the poopvomit begins to bubble

the tiny homeboy sits back on a rock and introduces a fatty fat blunt from the crevice of his ass
he twirls it around his fingers
and sparks it
with the juice of a column of lightning

which then jumps to the cauldron of poopvomit
and ignites it
to massive hydroelectric
inferno smoking Hiroshima
shadow flash
burning images into time

into the myth of quarks
casting residue
of the conflagration
as the elusive subjects
of scientific inquiry

the homeboy re-inserts a blood-spattered marijuana cigarette into the Millertime Vagina(r) and walks slowly back across the Serenghetti plain

Maury Povich secretly obtains a Jacob’s ladder piercing
Madonna secretly gives Stephen Hawking a blow job
AOL(r) publicly buys Time/Warner¨
Spike Lee directs his first Nike commercial
Madonna publishes the Stephen Hawking photographs on the Internet
a government clerk named SallyJoJohnson processes the official trademark registration of the Millertime Vagina(r)
Millertime(r) launches a suit against AOL/Time Warner(r) for improper use of the Millertime Vagina(r) trademark

the tiny African homeboy finally reaches home after a long walk across the Serenghetti


Kennedy is assisinated, etc.


UDCS for Dummies:
Learn the Unified Demigoddess Classification Scheme in 12 Easy Lessons

Lesson 1: The Spectral Virgin
namely, Julia, the spectral virgin, climbing branches on a spectral cherry tree
namely, a large hunk of Bob
namely, Bob’s gaping mouth
namely, Bob’s cruddy fingernails
namely, Bob’s nose hair, unruly beyond a month
namely, Bob’s sweat
namely, Bob’s urine, which smelled of swamprot and indicated a less-than-utopian dietary fingerprint
namely, Julia’s panties, visible from below for Bob’s gawk
namely, Julia’s legs (Julia is a goddess, and goddesses have nice legs (actually, Julia is a flipside/crosshatch/demigoddess/class seventeen, and such demigoddesses invariably have nice legs (class means age in the Unified Demigoddess Classification Scheme (UDCS) so Julia is seventeen years old at this moment)))


Julia is climbing up the tree
Bob is sitting below gawking

and the girl slips
due to a large stripe of crumbling bark and falls below

through the distance of a mile

during which time the boy opens his mouth

then opens it wider

then opens it wider and wider and wider and wider
until the class seventeen demigoddess
accelerated by gravity’s clutch

drops snugly
into the gooey
whale mouth
of the lusty mortal

Lesson 2: Being Completely Unable
namely, Julia being completely unable to breathe

Lesson 3: Actually Being
namely, Julia’s panties actually being in a bunch

Lesson 4: “Live from Times Square, this is Carson Daly, host of MTV’s Total Request Live. Today our guest will be Julia Stiles.”
namely, Julia’s father being in the audience
exercising the problem with the sex scene in her new movie
it’s not gratuitous
it’s a real scene
she says
but Carson is far from convinced
why did it have to be with a black boy?
god dammit
why am I on MTV?
why do I get this channel?
and after this movie she’s going back to college
she’s going to Columbia
god dammit
let’s go Carson
come on
let’s go to commercial

Lesson 5: Et tu?
alabaster zipperfucker suspended in a viscous mixture of saline #4 and industrial lubricant #719, calling me on the lobby phone at work, laying rollercoaster tracks underwater, intimating me in your latest scandal, trading me on the after-hours market, shorting me, hedging me with this week’s doughnut, glassy eyes looking to the future, to Columbia and beyond, beyond the rise and the fall, the building and the burning, beyond the guilding and the turning inward to find Hobbes’ atomic landLocke theory, welcome to the post-post-modern clique, where all that matters is that you’re dead and I’m not–pow! motherfucker, this is what we teach at Columbia, the post-post-mortem and the pre-pre-embryonic translucence known to the common man as elegementary motherfuzzuckin skillz, you know what I’m sayin’? the bed mouse, the head louse, the beach house, yes? this eon’s X-Games hosted by the undertow of the second wave of thermodynamics

alabaster zipperfucker imitating me, twice baked half full serendipity nexus, the enless defiance olympic caught forever in the desert, cave retreating nascent springs, Oko Yamayuta, the brilliant winner takes all, begs the question, yes we really do care what kind of peanut butter makes up the p in her pbj

alabaster zipperfucker wearing Tommy Jeans, Alabaster Zipperfucker Jeans worn by Tommy Girl, Tommy Girl with the zipper between her alabaster teeth

alabaster zipperfucker jumping a freight train, sliding to New Mexico for a spell’s poison apple mysticism, re-appropriating resources from slush fund A to slush fungus B, re-appropriating apple sauce containing dangerously high levels of BHT, eating BHT straight out of the can, eating BHT by itself, putting BHT on a plate in the microwave because you like your BHT hot, get the powdered kind, added to nothing just to keep everything fresh, okay? added to me to keep me fresh, added to every pair of Alabaster Zipperfucker jeans in the factory to keep your ass fresh, added to your ass in the womb during the second trimester

alabaster zipperfucker walnut relegation, alabaster Latino, alabaster trickstyle 180*, alabaster trumpets, alabaster Megadeth, alabaster wail, alabaster silver lining my jail, alabaster walnut ditto-fucker delegation, alabaster multi-processor, alabaster insurance policy, alabaster nutsack, alabaster photo emulsion, alabaster wetback, alabaster X-Files, alabaster nutcase, alabaster muffinfucker, alabaster hooptie (8-cylinder), alabaster druglord, alabaster Rodney King, alabaster top-to-bottom home remodeling, alabaster re-instatement of policy, alabaster nipple clamps, alabaster superstar, alabaster mosquito, alabaster contagion, alabaster talk show, alabaster freak show, alabaster gladiators, alabaster betrayal, alabaster


Et tu, Cleopatra?

Lesson 6: A is for Alphabet
Alphabet singing of the
Breath giggle
Cunt tickle, loosing hungry dogs for a
Drastic sniff and hunt wiggle
Elevator carnage gettin’
Freaky in a hip jig, a strip wig, an oil rig, a boil, rip, and snipe swig, a
Generous helping of
Her suck that and stuck pig
Interactive flesh
Junkies’ Wonderland of
Neverland of
Orange-yellow, panoramic rotoscoping butterfly cavities of
Plush interior pleasure-filled plurality,
Quickening the pace of my cardiac normalities
Running me away from this self-imposed depravity
Undress the
Waitress’ causes schisms, coaxes jism, not to mention frees me from the hoax of prison in the prism of my mind, lets the analysts unwind, touches bleeding me and blinding me with deja premonition, always knew she’d someday back with action months of
Yearbook photographs in which I whip, bite, and nip her, the trophy is this snap of her teeth around my

Lesson 7: Et tu? Revisited
namely, alabaster suicide

Lesson 8: “Sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand.”
Julia Stiles cutting the heads off parking meters

Lesson 9: Fields of Rye
Julia dwarfed by endless fields of Rye, a storm brewing, static in the air

Lesson 10: An Entire Chapter of Someone Else’s Book
Julia as a turtle, crossing the road for an entire chapter of someone else’s book

Lesson 11: Vardaman
Julia as my mother. Julia as a fish.

Lesson 12: Ape Shit
Julia Stiles hearing about all this and Julia going ape shit


the transient fish

incessantly swimming
invariably hawing and hemming the line
bathing soapless with subterranian swine
bristling with anemone, shark, and brine

delicate specimen
destiny’s dish
running in the ice
the transient fish

phosphorous glow
zoom fast pause slow
stop know

through winter’s brittle forest
you see her far below

powder packed under each foot
walking in the snow

frozen glass tubules
ring a diamond flute
up down strange charmed
perfect still invisible

ice runner
stream cutter
river-walking skydiver bloodhound
tuning that instrument
of electromagnetic sound
the deadly flow
seductive cajole
unrestrained “oh”
that is the undiluted singular byproduct
of the organ gargle
the audio swish
known to friends of the deep
as the transient fish

beyond your reach
lies the mystical
stroked by a solar wind
warmed with nuclear light
eyes so bright
soaring, prancing
dancing on the keys

wrapped in a funnel of stars
vortex spinning
glitter fairies abound

the floor
a train
of underwater crabs

my knees on this slab of earth
face turned to the transience, which
sings of satisfaction
sings of ends
to timeless journeys
the grains, this feather
the cracks of sky

kneeling here
lulled softly by the singing trance
wrapt to the siren stroll
smiling at the bubbling organ, laughing
at the bottom of this brimming sea

currents shaping


what smoother song could they possibly wish
than the hisses and the kisses
of the transient fish?

The Transient Fish

gay teenagers

gay teenagers riding flowerpot handlebars
through Austin’s west village
down Guadalupe
rising stars of commerce—
“Physics is Fun” bumper stickers and the green-shirted Chinese woman in the sushi store, staring at me when not pretending to watch football
to which I find myself staring back, not pretending to watch anything
gay teenagers, ribbons in their hair, their mothers driving Vanagons 3 blocks away, gray-headed witches, the original hippies, the good ones of the east
dog-leash spike-chokered grandkids keeping pumas (as pets) on their keychains
gay teenagers striving to be forgotten, noticing to be remembered
seeking out ecclectic niches in the common aesthetic mythology
Dorothy on a bicycle basket touting a star-spangled Yoda— looming fruitlessly, incandessently, tastefully flavor-free
lines of Kawasaki greens and yellows claiming that Akira lives today in videoscope, looms carrotously in doubles and quads even this far west of the Mississippi—
gay teenagers strangling puma keychain dogs with unruly fingernails bare-handed semi-automatic hippie inquisition
gay teenagers militant green ribbons
windy unkindness
wooly remindants of fully loaded eyelash whispers in every blink of a Chinese woman pretending to watch football out of the corner of her eye
sly subcutaneous indicatives
stop-plosive pseudo-subliminal fricatives
the tricky business of leaving the town you love
the sticky is-ness of is-ness of is-ness of—
gay teenagers toting salamander bookpurses cave to resurrected verses of the seventh grade
gay teenagers gripping amplified phallic percussives
plugged-in to the underbelly of Austin’s west village
homogenized rock and roll anti-matter
progressive pasteurized folk country peanut butter bagels
and this is the live music capital of the world?
this is the live music capital of the world?—
fusion nothing
rhythm and snooze
alabaster virtuosity

gay teenagers