Haiku Wars

(These five Haiku poems were my contribution to one set of Internet Haiku Wars. Upon the distribution of these poems, these particular Wars ended. Even though the whole point of these Haiku Wars was to string together disgusting thoughts and phrases in Haiku format, no one was ready for this set of five. Ashley says that when Heather read them she was truly offended.)

No one is watching.
Fingers digging up my nose,
I eat my buggers.

Child squats in the grass.
Toilets are nothing like pants;
warm shit coats his legs.

All out of jelly
but still hungry, she squeezes
sweet juice from her cunt.

Hands between my legs
I spasm­—screaming—lurch, and
pump cum from my cock.

Don’t challenge me to
write a motherfucking poem…
I’ll take your ass down.

Haiku Wars