(written in one class period in response to Sister Damienne’s offer for extra credit in return for a poem about food…she was apparently hungry that day…I didn’t need the credit but it sounded like fun…I read this, with feeling, to a room full of CJ students.)

I want a burger
yeah I want a slab of beef
I’m gonna open my mouth
and sink my teeth

into a sesame bun
and a lettuce leaf
I want pickle chips, mustard,
oh I say “Good grief!”

I don’t want no veggie food
I want a bull that’s dead
I want to stuff my face
I want to feed my head

with a bucket of wings
and a plate of fries
I want a big fat hefty
buffalo that flies

gimme ten-ton nuggets
I wanna feast my eyes
on a health-food record
that is full of lies

I want cholesterol!
My veins are exercised!
I want a value meal!
And make it supersized!