Indelible Dick Tracy

sparkly jazz man runs his fingers
up and down a silver moon
indelible Dick Tracy
traces hands along the liquid
rim of unknown molotile

foot runs up and down on heel braced
upside down with five-inch spike
and laced up on a swirling
fishnet sea

barbed-wire boy jumps nother fence in
backstreet baby briar patch

drunken man stabs his own self
on own carnation
he falls breathless
on the dirty, drunken floor

baby breathless fucks some other
bad boy bum in
backroom billiards boredom rows
of thousand windows empty
of the brides of softer quiet bedroom

and a
zillion tighter screaming hard out
asses swing a killer tune
above the heads and hearts and
bank accounts of driven
lose control and
fuck a bitch
and get a bang
and lose yourself
and someone else

indelible Dick Tracy take your bow
as baby breathless fucks you with her eyes
a wave of lust and hunger neath her brow
the fuck the buck the hand on mine a chinging glass of dimming wine
a slip a rip her slender crack you slide your hand up arching back
and feel

I am no more
I am no more
I swing with rhythms
dance with fishies
find myself a-losing
comfort now

I wallow breathless on the drunken
deathly floor.

Indelible Dick Tracy