Switching to Tumblr

I think I’m going to start using Tumblr. I think I’m going to leave this WordPress blog here for posterity. I think that’s what I’m going to do.

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Faulkner quotes I’m digging tonight

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” “It is the writer’s privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart.” “Don’t be ‘a writer’. Be writing.” “Wonder. Go on and wonder.” “…I give […]

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  • The only thing I know about compassion 2015/10/21
    I’m not a mean person—never have been.  Most people probably think I already am a compassionate person.  I don’t usually do things to hurt people—sometimes I strike back when someone hurts me..I’m doing that less and less.  So when I say I only know one thing about compassion, I don’t mean I was the kid on the playground picking fights.  I wasn’t.  In fact m […]
  • Why smart people don’t like AA 2015/10/13
    As I said before, I didn’t have any intention of discussing this with anyone from AA, even though sharing my thoughts might be useful to that group or me—it’s basically a conversation I don’t want to have.  I’m not an AA activist or leader or meeting founder; I don’t want to reform AA, I was just going there to get help getting sober.  I haven’t gone back to […]
  • Your lack of acceptance is your irrelevance 2015/10/01
    I go to an AA meeting every week at a Buddhist temple.  At least I used to.It’s a meditation meeting—my favorite kind of AA meeting.  I’ve been to similar meetings in other towns.  The format is roughly half an hour of meditation followed by half an hour of people sharing their experiences with alcohol and other drugs, or their experiences with meditation.Th […]
  • “It’s so beautiful to feel” 2015/09/26
    I cry.I cry because I have bipolar.  I cry because I feel.  I cry because when I witness harsh, deep, true beauty, it touches me.That kind of beauty can only touch you if you’re open, defenseless, willing to be hurt.I told my mom about In Bruges this morning, that I watched it a second time last night, and I cried when I told her about it.  It is a subtly, r […]
  • Just keep it in the books 2015/09/24
    I’m so glad we can discuss deep things about art. After our conversation I told Mom (jokingly) that I was giving her full credit for raising such a wonderful, wonderful woman as you. I appreciate so much that we can talk about deep and far out and abstract things. I am used to most people simply dismissing me as crazy when they don’t understand me, and somet […]
  • Arrested for being Black, Muslim, and an engineer 2015/09/17
    Ahmed Mohamed is Black, Muslim, and smart enough to build a clock.  So what do we do?  We arrest him, ostensibly because his clock is a bomb.  This plot is as thin as filo dough and everybody knows it.He was being harassed because of factors other than the clock.  Did anyone there really think that Ahmed had a bomb.  Not likely.  If you think someone has a b […]
  • Feedback to Pandora 2015/09/16
    I’m a free user and will always be a free user, because I give away my work, so I’ll always be listening to ads on Pandora, which generally I don’t mind, because that’s the choice I’ve made.  It looks like you have a special partnership with Mercedez-Benz, so I doubt their ads are about to go away anytime soon, but I just want to say that of all the ads I’ve […]
  • Some considerations I take into account when writing these days 2015/09/14
     It’s important to me not just to do things, but to understand how I or we are doing them.  There is a galaxy of rules and procedures and guidelines and local truths in every discipline and context that exists.  Most of the time, these rules are understood by participants without any awareness that they are doing so.  Schools teach thousands and thousands of […]
  • Just for Today 2015/08/05
    I have been sober for one year today.  For purists (and I am one) that’s much more accurately stated as 365 sober days in a row.  You can’t get sober for a year, you can’t get sober for a lifetime, you can’t get sober for a week.  You can get sober for a minute, 10 minutes, an hour, an afternoon, maybe even a day.  Staying sober for some time is like paintin […]
  • braiker: bethrevis: US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech,... 2014/08/19
    braiker: bethrevis: US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press. Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area” funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 
  • Why I am giving my books away for free 2014/05/13
    For a while now, the way to get a book published has been to submit query letters to literary agents and hope to find an agent who will make your case to a publisher.  You can’t submit directly to publishers—they don’t accept submissions.  You have to go through a literary agent if you want a shot at a commercially successful book. Query letters are evil.  T […]
  • Mania without an antipsychotic 2014/05/13
    My uncle just called. I had been getting cues from my friend and my mom that I have become a bit manic the last couple of weeks.  And right now my doctor took me off my antipsychotic because she thinks it is causing the involuntary muscle clenching I’ve been having—which has become unbearable for me. And then my uncle calls. My uncle is someone who triggers […]
  • Why I am unpublishing Things Said in Dreams 2014/03/13
    Simply, because the publishing industry is bullshit.  The author gets 10%, while the publisher gets 90?  It’s unacceptable. I’d rather give my books away for free than go along with something like that.  So until a publisher is willing to give me at least 90% of the proceeds of my books, I won’t publish with them. The author does the crucial work.  For a pub […]
  • The Reminding 2013/07/09
    My current project is an epic novel called The Reminding. It is the story of six interlocking characters told over a period of 20 years. It has eight books, which I am live writing.  You can read along as I work.
  • Photo 2013/04/27
  • Work 2013/04/26
    I’ve spent the second half of today obsessing over what other work I can do, other than writing my book.  Some programming project?  Another writing project?  I base my worth overly on what I do.  I feel it’s necessary to do things in order to have worth, rather than some intrinsic worth concept.  But it’s nice to have some way to feel ok with your worth, wi […]
  • I used to program 2013/04/25
    Day and night.  For work.  For fun.  Then I went my separate way from programming, and for the last four years, have been writing books.  It’s weird, I still feel the urge to program, and I’ll get out my programming tools, but then there’s no project, no driving force, to make me go forward.  All the things I want to make right now are books, not programs.   […]
  • Photo 2013/04/25
  • New morning routine 2013/04/10
    My morning routine as of this month is now something similar to my routine in the eleventh grade.  The routine now is: wake at 5am, do 15 minutes running on treadmill, 30 minutes on stationary bicycle, reading in hot bath, then hot shower, then cold shower, then flossing/brushing and other grooming, then taking pills and eating breakfast.
  • Psych ward anniversary 2013/04/10
    It is officially one year since I’ve been in a psych ward.  2011 had a hard ending for me, where I was inpatient for a total of about three months.  Still in 2012 I had another stay, that one only four days.  And now it’s been a year since I was in a locked ward, dealing with my bipolar disorder. I credit my current and relative well-being to family, meditat […]



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